Bold Futurists

Print, Motion

After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
A promotional motion piece and poster series highlighting three innovators that have impacted technology in a way that is timeless. Each individual made strides in their respective fields that continues to define our current and future discoveries.


The Moiré effect was used to act as an element of texture while communicating the concept of each discovery being interwoven with each other. The color in the foreground is associated with the main innovator being highlighted, and then upon closer look, the colors of the two other innovators can be seen woven in the background. The interaction of the three colors enhances the Moiré effect, drawing the viewer closer and increasing interest in the content.




& Anatomy

In each poster specific parts of each innovator's body are cut and moved around the composition. More specifically, the eye, heart, and mouth. This is done to call out the most important pieces of information and at the same time communicate the concept of how their discoveries affect our perception of sight, feeling, and communication.


Tim Kim Design 2019